If I don’t drink alcohol, do I still need a breathalyser kit?

Unfortunately yes, you are required by law to carry a breathalyser kit while travelling by car or motorcycle in France. Pleading that you don’t drink will not help as you cannot prove this. Whilst the police do carry their own breath testing equipment, they request that you are able to make your own test before getting into a car and you can only do this with either a hand-held breathalyser or a disposable type breathalyser. Which type you carry is entirely your own choice as long as it conforms to the NF approved equipment standard.

To use an analogy, it is a legal requirement to carry a hazard warning triangle but you can’t plead that you haven’t had an accident so don’t need one! Treat the breathalyser as part of your emergency kit and you’ll be fine. The prices have come down considerably now and with speedy delivery can be ordered to arrive before your holiday.

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