French Breathalyser law hits UK motorists

Confused about the French Breathalyser Law? Digital, disposable NF approved, the choices are huge. You’re not on your own, thousands of motorists are facing the same problem but we can help to guide and inform you on what is the right choice for you.  Let’s start by listing the most popular questions we get asked and this should help you to decide what you need to purchase as a legal requirement to carry with you when visiting France.

What is the French Breathalyser Law?

In 2012, France introduced a very firm and somewhat Draconian law that insists on motorists carrying with them an Approved Digital Breathalyzer or Disposable Breathalyzer Kit.

Why was this introduced?

France has historically had problems with motorists driving while above the legal limit of alcohol consumption. For the last few years, over 30 percent of France’s road fatalities have been caused by drivers who were over the legal limit. This is a strong attempt to stop motorists from drinking and driving.

What is the legal limit in France for blood alcohol levels?

The legal limit in France is 50 mg per 100 ml of blood. This is lower than the UK whose current limit is 80mg per 100ml.

If I am stopped while in France by the police, will they check for this?

If stopped, you may be breathalysed. Importantly, it is now a legal requirement to carry your own breathalyser when driving or riding a motorcycle in France. Bizarrely, only moped riders get away with this requirement!

More common questions:

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